Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doodle Bug's New Dress

Well, all the prayers worked... we found the dress with a minimal amount of bad attitude. It took going to three stores and then going back to the first one. My mom went with us and she actually picked this dress. This dress is the only one that stunned us when she put it on. Several of the other dresses were nice but just didn't "wow" us. When she put this dress on, my heart stopped.

Doodle Bug had her heart set on one of those puffy, fairy princess dresses but they really didn't do anything for her. I wanted her to wear one of those skinny, slinky dresses that shows off your figure when you are skinny but they didn't work either. This is a compromise, form fitting at the top, and puffy at the bottom. It has crinolines made into the dress.

What do you think about it?

Now, we have to find shoes, get the hair cut, nails and toes... does it ever end?


  1. Dang, my neice is growing up! And once again - I am so glad I have boys!

  2. wow....that really is a gourgeous dress. look at the detail...stunning