Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8th Grade End of Year Dance

Doodlebug went to the dance. She didn't go with a guy, she went with her female cousin, "C". She had a new "boyfriend" but he went with someone else, since they had already decided to go together before Doodle came into the picture. Doodle danced with her new boyfriend some and danced with her friends. She even had her picture made with the new "boyfriend".

You would have thought this was a high school prom instead of an 8th grade end of year dance. All these kids decked out in fancy outfits, limos, huge crowds of people. You had to drive up and drop them off at the door and everyone was standing outside so they could see everyone arrive.
It took forever to pick them up at the end. We blocked a main highway for a mile waiting to turn into the location for the dance. They had a good time but it was an awful lot of money spent for a short period of time. I now have a $300 dress that is hanging in a closet gathering dust.

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